Krystal purchases 50% Interest in Brooks Corning Company Ltd.

Krystal Financial is pleased to announce its recent purchase of a 50% interest in Brooks Corning Company Ltd.  Krystal makes this acquisition alongside Brooks Corning president Bob Ross, who controls the remaining 50% interest.

For over a century, governments, corporations and architectural-design firms have turned to Brooks Corning to provide workspace and office furniture solutions that fit their unique needs.  These office solutions extend well beyond the traditional office desks and chairs to include everything from flooring to movable walls and monitor mounts to computer connections.  The company works with its clients from initial design through to delivery and installation by its own crew.  As the sole distributor in much of British Columbia for Haworth, Books Corning enjoys a partnership with one of the world’s foremost designers and manufacturers of cutting-edge office interior solutions.  In addition to Haworth, Brooks Corning represents over 100 additional vendors ensuring clients have the best, most cost effective solution to meet their needs.

Together with Bob Ross, Krystal Financial hopes to build upon the strong tradition of growth and success that has characterized the more than 100 year history of Brooks Corning.

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