Storm Guard Water Treatment Inc.

Storm Guard Water Treatment Inc.

Headquartered in Richmond BC, Storm Guard Water Treatment Inc. (“Storm Guard”) is a leading provider of dewatering, water extraction and water treatment services, specializing in the removal and treatment of groundwater and runoff from construction sites.

Founded in 1989, Storm Guard has a strong reputation for quality and dependability and has worked on a number of high profile projects including the Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver Convention Centre, Shangri-La Hotel and the Olympic Village. Storm Guard provides two essential services to the construction industry: dewatering and water treatment. Dewatering is the process of lowering the water table until a steady state of dry soil is reached, allowing for excavation and construction site activities to progress. This is accomplished by sinking a number of well points into the ground of the affected area, connecting the well points on the surface with a header pipe and pumping the water out of the excavation pit. Water treatment is the process of filtering and treating contaminated water before it can be safely discharged into the storm water system. Common contaminates treated through this process include sediment, hydrocarbons, pH from concrete work, and metals such as iron, manganese and zinc. Through decades of experience, Storm Guard has developed unique and industry leading practices to treat highly contaminated water at very high flow rates. Consequently, Storm Guard has built strong, longstanding relationships with marquee clients who rely on Storm Guard for its effectiveness and excellent customer service.


  • Date of initial investment
    March 2019

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